baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn (rozele) wrote,
baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn

on the road again...

well, it's been a few years. um, five.

but this still feels like the simplest way to be in touch while i'm away from home for a while. if you wander back through the archive, you'll find a lot of memorial posts, some "meet the new boss" posts from the early days of the current administration (can i say i told you so yet?), and travel accounts from eastern europe, northeastern china, and a few other places.

but this trip is less about wandering around. i'll be in weimar, germany (the place, not the time period - you can tell by the comma) from july 7th till about august 9th. why? because. which is to say: i'm working with the amazing jenny romaine (and the also amazing abigail and gregory, and a cast of, well, dozens anyway) on a piece of yiddish spectacle theater in hitler's favorite city. it's gonna be based on a 16th-century chivalric romance (yo, af yidish, farvos nisht?), and also about migration, refugees, and destroying patriarchy. because we are who we are and it is the year it is.

and then i'll be elsewhere. berlin, hamburg, maybe annecy or salzburg, hopefully stamboul. stay tuned.

let me know if you know people i should meet in these places, or other ones nearby! especially (predictably) folks involved in refugee/migrant organizing, trans/queer/feminist projects, awesome performance work, police/prison/border abolition, yiddish culture, and so forth. and in particular if you happen to know (a) folks who might want to book a mostly-trans-women punk band that plays the yiddish revolutionary repertoire [next year?]; (b) karagöz puppeteers; (c) folks who think about gender and professional music/dance performance in the balkans and ottoman ecumene [from azis to köçek dancers to bülent ersoy to current trans women performers]...

Tags: diasporism, migration, queer, trans, yidn, z"l
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