baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn (rozele) wrote,
baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn


joanna russ.

hazel dickens.

poly styrene.

listen to these:
hazel dickens' "Black Lung";
her version of Joe Hill's "Rebel Girl";
a mountain stage appearance;
her take on "Aragon Mill";
and so many more.

and read these:
joanna russ' "When It Changed" (and an afterword);
parts of her "How To Suppress Women's Writing";
a film review of hers - from 1975 - which is a combined analytic demolition of popular culture misogyny and 'radical' subculture misogynies (with particular attention to manarchist punk);
and one interview with samuel r. delany and another on slash.

and listen to these:
poly styrene's "Oh Bondage Up Yours", with X-Ray Spex;
"I Can't Do Anything";
X-Ray Spex live: "I Live Off You";
and another live one: "Germ-Free Adolescents".
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