baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn (rozele) wrote,
baroness ilse von freytag-loringhovn


in which a pair of sparts* discover pop music. and it makes them a little bit gay.

"workingmen of all countries, unite! um, no homo."

thanks to emmala for the link.

and if you want the truly fantastic thing this doesn't even know it wishes it were, go here.

* i'm judging by style here. yes, it's sterotyping, but really, with those goatees and that overall dudeliness (not to mention the manic glimmer in the eyes), who else could they be? the ISO tends toward the skinny and intellectual, the RCP towards the clean-cut or pseudo-punk, the DSA and SP wear union tshirts, awkwardly, and the crypto-maoists tend to look just like you and me. because five years ago they were some of us. and the anarchists, unfortunately, don't read marx. which may have something to do with the lack of any effective anarchist response to the past few years' economic situation.
Tags: marx, music, queer, video
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