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NGOs & "sociocide through sheer bureaucracy"

just ran across a fantastic article by smadar lavie & reuven avarjel, two radical mizrakhi intellectuals.

it's here. and is an elegant and angry look at the mizrakhi (non-eastern-european jewish) majority of israel's jewish citizens, and their place in the state, in palestine, in the wars of the past five years, in the resistance to zionism, and in the shift from a two-state to a one-state vision for a future after the Occupation. oh, and along the way it illuminates the israeli form of what we're in the process of learning about here: the processes by which NGOs/non-profits contain, co-opt, and prevent effective resistance to all kinds of oppression. not to mention the obstructive role of the "peace camp" in israeli politics.

read it right now.

if you want more background on mizrakhi history and politics in israel, start with ella shohat's "sephardim in israel: zionism from the standpoint of its jewish victims" and then read up on the israeli Black Panthers (start here or here, or more generally in the work of poet/scholar/activist sami shalom chetrit).

ultimately, as the panthers put it: "either the cake will be shared by all or there will be no cake."
Tags: diasporism, jews, mizrakhim, non-profit industrial complex, palestine, peace not justice, zionism
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