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watching too much television

it's nice to see someone on tv(-on-the-internets) say something sensible about religion. even if he is a more than slightly sketchy FBI agent (or local equivalent).

It doesn’t concern you… that kind of absolutist view of the universe? Right and wrong determined solely by a single all-knowing, all-powerful being whose judgment cannot be questioned and in whose name the most horrendous acts can be sanctioned without appeal?

one agent duram, addressing montheism in the pilot of Caprica.

it remains to be seen how the dominant greco-roman style polytheism comes off. hopefully not much better, and hopefully distinctly different. given the choice between such systems, i tend to prefer the one that offers the larger number of possible sources of authority. more room to maneuver is better, when you've got a basic disagreement with the premise that there is or should be an external Authority.



fascinatingly, the show's designated Others, though allegedly normative polythesists at heart, are not only darker, shorter, body-modified, involved in organized crime, and torn between pride and assimilationism, but when they sit down to a culturally-marked meal, there's a braided loaf at the center, with dark red wine in somewhat ritual-looking goblets.

sf crypto-jew much?

or did i forget to mention that the more trad ones wear black fedoras and have a decided flair for the monochrome semiformalwear? or that their ethnic neighborhood overlaps with chinatown?

still later:

and that they're largely played by latin@s and arabs, judging by the names.

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