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fermentation station redux

at risk once more of becoming one of those people on the internets...

...but still pretty proud of myself for getting back underway.

here's what's in the dining room right now:

1) sauerkraut - 1/3 of my medium-sized crock. one head red cabbage, one head green, 1/2 head old green. fennel seeds, varicolored peppercorns, bay leaves, cumin seeds. and salt. almost a week old (started 2/2/2010ish), and bubbling away nicely.

2) banana wine - 2 gallon jugs. about 2 1/2 dozen bananas, about 5 cups of organic whiteish sugar. started 1/24/2010, into secondary 2/7/2010 (it's been cold).

3) kombucha - about a liter. scoby left for the house by the fabulous lizxnn. gunpowder green tea, about 1/2 cup of organic whiteish sugar. started 1/31/2010, ready to go into effervescence.

4) a cabinet of older wines that i'm not going to dig through right now. a few bottles of almost-3-year-old effervescent plum wine, a few of 1-or-2-year-old apple wine, a few of almost-1-year-old pomegranate-plus dumpster blend, perhaps some mead.

all wild-fermented except the plum wine.
all experiments with not quite enough documentation.

this makes me happy.
Tags: crafts, fermentation, food
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