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dress codes & gender enforcement

keep coming up.

or maybe it's just that someone at the NYTimes has a bee in their (calico?) bonnet about it.

in any case, here is the latest article. about a 4-year-old who's been suspended from pre-K in a Dallas suburb for having long hair. by 4-year-old-standards. which means a 4" topknot. looks damn cute, too.

there's no indication that the gender-neutrally-named kid is gender-deviant, identity-wise, though no one seems to have asked. but the hair rule is clearly about a "penis = male = masculine = short hair" gender enforcement equation.

and the key part of the article, i think, is the last line:

[while the kid's parents appeal the suspension] school officials said they would continue to separate Taylor from other children.

it's about contagion.
and rightly so.

we do recruit, by example as well as by action.
even when we're four.

keep raising hell, taylor!
Tags: dress codes, trans
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